Adkerson-Dodson Special Education Scholarship

Judie Adkerson-Dodson wished to establish an endowed scholarship in memory of her sister, Elsie Carolyn Adkerson, who was born prematurely in 1944, and lived with epilepsy and handicaps until her death in 2000 but was able to attend school through the seventh grade. The scholarship is also in memory of her parents, Robert Edward Adkerson and Elsie Herndon Adkerson, who raised and cared for this daughter, Elsie Carolyn, during an era when no local, state or federal assistance was available for individuals with special education needs; The scholarships will be given to deserving Danville/Pittsylvania residents who have a need for financial support and who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree or licensure in special education.

Judie Adkerson-Dodson
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree or liscensure in special education?